Our Colours

"Color is one of the most fulfilling elements in our lives. Color increases brand recognition by up to 80 %."

gold colourIt’s not an easy task to select right colours to represent your company. There are so many varieties! So we tried to use colours according mainly with their meaning and only then the look. That’s why the first choice was GOLD. Gold is associated with the sun and is therefore related to abundance and power, wisdom and understanding. Gold symbolises wealth used wisely and is also good for career and prosperity.

green colour


Another colour which we chose is GREEN. Green has a strong affinity , helping us connect and empathise with others and the natural world. Green creates a feeling of comfort, calmness and lessening stress. It also conveys meanings associated with money and is good for growth and communication.


gold colour



We also utilise some BLACK in as it goes very well with gold images and adds some elegance, sophistication, and perhaps a touch of mystery. In most cases WHITE is the main background colour used as it makes reading easier and gives a fresh look.




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