Database Development Melbourne

E-Sight can develop custom database solutions that utilises Microsoft Access, MySQL, MS SQL, DB2 and Oracle Databases. Choosing the right database and designing the database to efficiently store, capture and retrieve data, are the key steps to database development which requires appropriate skills and experience. E-Sight has it all!

  • MS Access Database Development

    MS Access allows for rapid development of simple database applications where there are a limited number of simultaneous users, and small database size. We would recommend the development of Access MS Access Development Software Database platforms for small to medium companies. Above a certain size, Access loses its main strength's at which time SQL Server is more highly recommended. One reason you might choose to use Access over SQL Server is for compatibility and sharing. You also might use Access database development platform instead of SQL Server because purchasing SQL Server would be an extra expense that may not be necessary. Read more here» about our MS Access experience and MS Access based solutions we provided to our customers.

  • SQL Server Database Development

    For companies with a large volume of data we can recommend using SQL Server database which is efficient, scalable and secure platform. SQL Server is a more robust database management system. SQL Server was designed to have many hundreds, or even thousands of users accessing it at any point in time. Microsoft Access on the other hand, doesn't handle this type of load very well. This makes SQL Server perfectly suited for database driven websites.

  • MySQL Database Development

    MySQL is as a free, fast, reliable open source relational database. It does lack some sophistication and facilities, but as it goes from release to release, more capabilities are added. E-sight's team of developers extensively use MySQL as a web development database tool for small and medium sized companies which can not afford buying MS SQL Server.

    So which database platform to use? E-SIGHT's developers have extensive experience using the majority of the tool and can help you to select the right database development platform.
    But no matter what choice you make the stability and effectiveness of your applications and databases depend more from the experience of the database developers than from the database's provider.



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