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Issue 12 - 12 Oct 2011

Notice: Undefined index: php variable name in filename on line

There are many reason for the error , but one of the possible causes is that you forgot to put enctype="multipart/form-data" in the form tag. Read more here».

Issue 11 - 08 Jun 2011

MS Access 2007-2010 not responding when opening a table

Working on a one of my MS Access database I realised that I could not open some tables in datasheet view. It would only work if I first click on design and then datasheet view. The tables did not contained a large amount of data, but MS Access still took ages to open them or just stuck in Not respond state. Read here» to see how to get around the problem.

Issue 10 - 29 Nov 2010

" is not a valid name error - MS Access 2007 bug

I was working on a one of my MS Access database fixing final bugs for a client. One of the requirement was to modify a report with was based on a query. Suddenly I realised that I can not open the query and I was getting " is not a valid name error. Read here» to see what's causing the error and how to fix it.

Issue 9 - 15 Sep 2010

DateAdd() - Type Mismatch Error

I was developing a job scheduling database using MS Access. This sytem works extensively with dates. Everything was working but suddenly the system started to display an error in the module which worked fine before. The error was "data type mismatch in criteria expression". I spent a few hours trying to solve the problem!!! Read here» to see the solution.

Issue 8 - 1 April 2010

Fostac Maximus - Save up to 25% of energy!

Yesterday we attended a seminar organised by T3 Tachyon where Hans Seelhofer, the developer of the FOSTAC MAXIMUS®, presented a unique device and talked about its innovative technology based on the latest discoveries in quantum physics. We were really impressed with the device and wanted to share the info which our readers.The FOSTAC MAXIMUS® can be used at home or in any commercial building – small and medium enterprises can profit in just the same way as industrial companies and large corporations. Read More here» if you are interested how to increase the effeciency of electricity and harmonise your living/working environment.

Issue 7 - 23 March 2010

Finding Duplicates - Dedupe system - Free Download

If you need to find duplicate records in a file (mdb,xls, csv, txt) you can download our free version ofof MS Access database which finds and removes duplicate records. It's working with mdb, xls, txt, csv files. Download here ».

Issue 6 - 12 October 2009

How many backlinks need to get PR3, PR4, PR5

I am researching now on SEO optimisation. It is known that page links are important to get higher ranking. But how many you need to get a certain rank? Read More » to find out.





Free Downloads

Finding Duplicates - Dedupe system - finding and removing duplicate records, processing datafiles, written in MS Office 97


Invoicing System - creating and processing invoices, maintaining clients details, written in MS Office 2007.


Archived Articles

Issue 6 - 12 October 2009

How many backlinks need to get PR3, PR4, PR5

I am researching now on SEO optimisation. It is known that page links are important to get higher ranking. But how many you need to get a certain rank? Read More » to find out.

Issue 5 - 09 September 2009

Error “Invalid OS Version”

If you can’t build or publish your application using Visual C# Express 2008 edition the simplest way to fix this problem is to set an explicit value for OSVersion in your project file. Read More » to view all the steps to fix the issue.

Issue 4 - 08 September 2009

Control Printers Programmatically using Borland Delphi and C#

Recently I was working on some projects for production to built end of line testers (EOLT) applications. In production environment it’s very important to find a way to avoid any interference from operators. If a printer requires reinstallation it’s critical to continue the production process with minimum delay. Read More » to find out which functions to use to control printer settings.

Issue 3 - 16 August 2009

PHP equivalent to CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")

The simple answer is: "There is no equivalent to it". WinHttp is Windows API and PHP does not support it. But there are a couple of php specific functions to do similar requests.
Read More » to find out what to use to send an HTTP request.

Issue 2 - 09 June 2009

My First Experience with PHP and IIS

I'd like to share my experience with deploying PHP e-commerce application on an IIS web server. I've found there are some issues which you need to keep in mind when developing PHP sites. I've designed it and tested on Apache server and I was surprised when my client complained that it does not work. The problem was that his web server was running IIS.
Read More » to find out what developers need to watch for and how I solved the issues.

Issue 1 - 09 May 2009

PHP, Apache and MySQL installation

Although some people are saying that the installation is very straightforward I struggled for a few days to get all three software tools working together. First I installed MySQL Server 5.1. The only problem I had was it did not like any locations except C:\Program Files so I had to install it there.
Read More » to see what other problems I have incounted during the installation.


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