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E-Sight provides wide range of custom software solutions from scope and requirements, building components to integrate with your existing systems or design completely new systems from scratch. We have been performing outsourced contract development work for a decade, in a diverse range of companies, organisations, government departments and industries.
  • Programming Languages

    Our software solutions are versatile and is available in a variety of programming languages including: C#, C++, VB6/VB.NET, Delphi, ASP and ASP.NET.

  • Database Design

    Our team of talented programmers can develop custom software that utilizes Microsoft Access, MS SQL, DB2 and Oracle Databases. Choosing the right database and designing the database to efficiently store, capture and retrieve data are the key steps to database development which require appropriate skills and experience.

  • Embedded / Firmware Solutions

    E-Sight has over 15 years experience in development of microprocessor based data communications and embedded systems in the Automation, Automotive, Networking, Data control systems. Our developers have extensive experience developing device drivers for wide range of microcontrollers, including ARM7, Atmel AVR, Hitachi, Motorola, and PIC using C/Assembler.

  • Web Development

    We can help you to develop a website to promote your business or design e-business solutions that enable you to utilize the power of web-based technologies providing effective user-access solutions. E-Sight team has extensive skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and After Affects as well as HTML and CSS.

  • Process / Task Automation

    We can provide task automation software solutions that free you or your staff from performing repetitive procedures using Excel, Word or Outlook. Using automation techniques will result in improved efficiency and overall cost savings for your business.

  • Data Cleansing

    We have a number of software applications specifically designed to process data to ensure that it's correct and accurate. It helps to improve the quality of the data by using data cleansing techniques. The software solutions can be personalised to reflect specific customer needs at very affordable prices.

  • Maintenance and Training

    We offer maintenance services to suit your needs, whether you require occasional changes at competitive hourly rates, or a full service package for a monthly or annual fee.

  • Work Arrangements

    Depending on the type of work requiring completion, E-Sight can provide outsourced work on an hourly/daily contract basis, or on a fixed price for completion payment.


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